Why is it worth it?

Why is it worth it?

Once you try our solutions, you are hooked for good. Let’s see why!

Why is it worth it?


24/7 availability of medical tools and health products

With IVM health vending machines your life-saving medical equipment is ALWAYS available for doctors, nurses and your health staff.  No need for extra keys or key-holders. The only thing you need is your company ID card/BAR code or PIN code to get essential tools any time.

For example, if you need to distribute surgery garments and masks: Just place our health vending machines at the surgery room entry, where doctors and nurses can easily get what they need on their way in and out of the room. No more extra miles, no more running around – your tools are at your hands.

Distribute medicines to health staff

You can easily ration and distribute medicine to your doctors and nurses. You can personalize the kind and also the amount of medicine; each of them is eligible to be taken over a period of time (let it be days, weeks, months or even over a year).

You can assign group rights – certain departments can get access only to the tools they use, thus tracking – and budgeting – the consumption gets easier than ever.


Dispense or sell medicine, masks and other essential materials to visitors

How long does it take for visitors to get masks, gloves, gowns, shoe covers when they visit Labour and Delivery Departments or Intensive Care Units? With our machines they can receive or buy them within seconds. It is convenient and fast for them and for you.

Patients forget to bring slippers, toothbrushes or other things they need, don’t they? Place these items into IVM medical vending machines and they can get what they need in seconds.

Get what you need in 10 seconds

1.Identification (Identify yourself by company card / barcode / PIN code)
2.Select the product(s) you need
3.Take the poduct
4.Go save lives!


100% control over the consumption of products

With IVM health vending automats you can control the consumption of you medical tools 100%:

  • You allocate who gets what – person-by-person or by groups, event at the single product level
  • You decide how many products can anyone get over a certain period of time

Think about it: You will know who took what and when, thus illegal item-retrievals won’t be possible. The control is completely in your hands.

Regular consumption reports directly in your mailbox

Can you keep track of the consumption of your medical tools easily? How often are you out of essential items due to lack of proper inventory? In a fast-consumption environment, like hospitals or drugstores, regular administration is essential, but it requires extra time and a lot of energy. Do you want to save yourself the time, energy and manpower? Choose IVM medical vending machines and you have these problems no more.

Our machines will send you detailed consumption reports periodically. You can set when (daily, weekly, monthly) and how (by email, by sms) you want to receive the reports. Also, you can choose to whom you’d like the reports sent. In the reports you will see the overall consumption, product consumption and product-group consumption. Also, you can see the consumption by departments or even by individuals.


Reordering made easy

With our solutions you can set depletion and reordering features: you will be able to set a minimum level for your stock, so when your stock level hits this bottom, the health vending automat will send you an alert. Moreover, we offer a automatic re-ordering function: you can automate the re-order of the most crucial items in time, so you’ll never have to deal with out-of-stock issues.

Save money!

The savings achieved by our medical vending machines are important, although the savings greatly varies by company.  When calculating KPI and ROI, you need to consider non-monetary factors as well:
How much manpower and time do you save by automating the distribution of medical items?
How much time do you save by not interrupting the workflow?
How much time and energy do you save for yourself with the reduced administration?
Don’t forget: time is MONEY.


All of our medical vending machines are made and supported from within the EU

We develop, manufacture and support our medical vending solutions from within the European Union. We have representatives in 7 countries – Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Dubai- and we are growing dinamically. We operate a support phone line 24/7. Also, our partners can contact us via support email system.

In case of problems overreaching our distant-support capabilities, we provide on-site technical support.  We provide support within 500 km radius of Hungary, outside of this area it is provided by our service partners.