Product – SaveRing


Carousel automat for wide variety of items.


Three-in-one carousel-type health vending machine

SaveRing is our most versatile medical vending machine to distribute up to 540 unique medical items. SaveRing has 3 functions: it can simultaneously distribute; rent and track products.

Why SaveRing?

  • 100% control of product usage (even at the patient level)
  • Perfect for fragile, heavier and liquid items, since they do not drop into a receiving bin
  • The front panels are not transparent, employees can only view the products on the touchscreen that they have access to
  • Extremely versatile product-vending capability
  • Get all the crucial items you need in 10 seconds
  • Fast and reliable support system from within the EU

Optional extra functions

  • LED signal shows opening doors
  • Increased configuration-variety with two-door layout

What can you place inside?

Basically anything, that is smaller than 30 cm in height

3 in One

Simultaneously distribute, rent and return products

SaveRing has 3 functions: it can simultaneously distribute, rent and return products. For example one position can be configured to only distribute the product inside, while another can rent its content, meaning the user has to set the time when he returns the item to the machine, thus SaveRing can track who uses that tool at any given moment. Returning function means that SaveRing can collect used or dirty items, so basically acts as a recycling point. All of these can operate simultaneously in one machine.


Far greater flexibility with the layout design than with any other carousel-type system.

Up to 15 rows.

Up to 540 compartments (with unique items in each).

Easy and fast refilling through the main door(s) or through the product doors.

Turn-out display for easy configuration and refilling.

The size of access doors can simply be adjusted to the size of the compartments.

12 compartment sizes

How are we different (and better) than others?

Our solutions communicate with You and your employees on their own language (multilangual display)

Fast and simple reconfiguration on the spot

Possible to set recycling (take-back) option for any product in the machine (recycle function)

Any position (compartment) can be set to rent the product in it (rental function).

Very simple refilling thanks to our color-coded system and the turn-out display. You simply cannot make a mistake.

We think in systems

SaveRing is part of SaveLog system, which means the it is managed by the same, easy-to-use software application as the rest of our IVM machines. Thus it is easily scalable with our other powerful solutions.

Identification methods:

Company card, BAR code, PIN code


Local server, Plug&Play, 3G network, Mixed VPN-Local closed network, SaveNetwork (VPN), IVM cloud

Technical details

2050 X 1150 X 1250 MM

430 KG

24V DC

1 A

230V – 24V

Basic: White

0 – 40°C

Partner References

Case studies

Getting Glove Consumption Under Control


The plant manager of a medium-sized production facility wanted to keep his operators working. He saw his employees waiting in the tool crib line for 10-15 minutes, at least 2 to 3 times a day. Stock-outs meant too much CNC machine downtime…


Trane worked with DoALL-DGI Supply to implement AutoCrib inventory control software…


Now saving approximately


per year


How could a leading air conditioner manufacturing company control PPE/safety supply costs – and do it cost-effectively? Employees had long queue times at the tool crib. And so employees began hoarding gloves in personal lockers or at their work centers. This was causing spiked demand, shortages and, in some cases, work stoppages for safety reasons. Additionally, employees had long travel times from their work center to glove supply and back.


Trane worked with DoALL-DGI Supply to implement AutoCrib inventory control software and dispensing systems. The company installed over 15 AutoCrib dispensing machines, including a RoboCrib 2000, throughout the plant for 100% secure access-controlled availability to the gloves, around the clock, and the systems are automatically replenished.


“AutoCrib vending systems provided significant cost savings over the years. The hard cost savings are nothing compared to the soft cost savings of the implementation of AutoCrib at Trane.” Brian Parker, DoALL-DGI Trane Site Manager

  • By decentralizing the glove supply, employees are away from their work centers for less time.
  • As confidence in the system increased, hoarding was no longer necessary.
  • Reduced glove usage by up to 70%.
  • Increased efficiency with automated reorder reports.
  • Trane is now saving approximately $72,000 per year.


Company: Company name

Industry: Research and development

Colleauges: 1 500

Now saving
$72k per