For our distributors

Our medical vending solutions are perfect for you

Our medical vending solutions

are perfect for you, if...

  • You were asked by your clients (medical institutions) to distribute and control the medical material you provide them with
  • You would like to introduce an innovative service to your clients, that will give you advantage to your competitors
  • You have ambitious plans to increase you market share and brand awareness
  • You have a desire to subdue your competitors by lower prices
  • You realized that you need something else, something more to sell premium products in the medical segment
  • More and more clients ask you to introduce consignation warehouse, but you have no tool to control the daily consumption of the consignation warehouse?
  • You have too many items in your consignation warehouse because it is difficult to check the stock level


Our full portfolio of automated medical vending solutions was developed to distribute medical products in a fully controlled manner.

Our vending machines fully control who gets when and what, thus you can help your clients to plan their stocks in advance. It will be appreciated by them.

With our solutions, following daily consumption of certain products or even an entire warehouse level is a piece of a pie, thus reordering and refilling your clients stocks can be automated.

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Our credo

We have basic values that govern our daily work: honesty, trustworthyness and loyalty. Our cooperation with our partners is based on the following rules:

Our automats are developed and made in the EU

Our service is based in the EU

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Flexible, custom-developments (in case of individual requests)

Refilling service, if requested

You can put your design on our automats

We customize our automats to your needs

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