Meet the medical field’s automated storage solutions

The storekeeper that never sleeps and never forgets!

Meet the medical field’s automated storage solutions

The storekeeper that never sleeps and never forgets!


Why IVM vending solutions?

There are many reasons to choose us, here you are a few

Equipment 24/7

24/7 availability of medical tools and health products

Automatic tool distribution

Get what you need in 10 seconds

Controlled consumption

100% control over the consumption of products

Fully customizable

You can allocate product types and consumption limit directly to patient, doctor, department etc.

Made in the EU

All of our medical vending machines are made and supported from within the EU

Cost savings

In general 5-55% achievable cost saving

Find the best solution to your needs

We are here to help you

Overview – SavePro


Best for distributing many types of health products

Our third generation coil-based medical vending machine stores and distributes medical equipment, tools and products that are used in the health industry.  We recommend SavePro for organizations – hospitals, doctor’s offices, health centers or even drug stores – that have a wide variety of medical tools, products to store and want to simplify and accelerate their availability.

Why SavePro?

  • 100% control: Access can be personalized product by product
  • All of your crucial medical equipment are available 24/7
  • You can distribute up to 2100 items. Average capacity: 1200-1400 pcs.
  • Operates in YOUR language: It has a multilingual user interface, which can display special national character
  • Can send automatic report and notification to refillers
  • Products to put into SavePro for example: medicines, glove, single-use tools, medical sets, etc.

Overview – SaveRing


Four-in-one health vending machine

SaveRing is our most versatile, carousel-type medical vending machine to distribute up to 540 unique medical items. SaveRing has 3 functions: it can simultaneously distribute; rent and track products; and also return and store used items. Refilling and servicing of SaveRing is extremely simple thanks to our color-coded item-placement system.

Why SaveRing?

  • 100% control of product usage (even at the patient level)
  • Perfect for fragile, heavier and liquid items, since they do not drop into a receiving bin
  • The front panels are not transparent, employees can only view the products on the touchscreen that they have access to
  • Extremely versatile product-vending capability
  • Get all the crucial items you need in 10 seconds
  • Fast and reliable support system from within the EU
  • Products to put into SaveRing for example: medicines, detergents, fragile medical devices, sprays, etc.

Overview – SaveBox Smart

SaveBox Smart

Small, but smart locker-type medical master machine

SaveBox Smart is our small, but smart health automat that controls several types of medical storage and distribution lockers (SaveBox Basic). It is like a lego: you can attach your own set of lockers to SaveBox Smart, designing a custom-build locker-setup matching exactly your needs. Thanks to an optional function – SaveBox Basic’s built-in scale – you can use SaveBox Smart for the 100% controlled distribution of bigger, heavier and fragile products, liquids or even of small items, which are stored in bigger volume and difficult to measure one-by-one.

Why SaveBox Smart?

  • 100% accountability and cost tracking: personal access rights can be set and all transactions are logged to the individuals
  • Due to its small space requirement, SaveBox Smart+SaveBox Basic combination can be placed anywhere. Ideas for SaveBox’ placement: entry spaces of surgery rooms or MD offices.
  • You choose the setup you need: Connect more SaveBoxes together in any combination so you can even have a wall of them according to your needs.
  • Operates in YOUR language: It has a multilingual user interface, which can display special national characters
  • Products to put into SaveBox Smart for example: operation sets, surgical pliers, cutting tools, isolators, liquids etc.

Overview – SaveBox Basic

SaveBox Basic

Offers additional storage to our other health vending machines

SaveBox is an additional health vending machine, an extra unit with increased capacity, which provides extended storage for the other medical vending machines.  It can control the consumption of fragile, expensive, large or heavy products that are distributed less frequently! Moreover! We developed a built-in scale, so you can automatically distribute several medical tools and even liquid, stored in one compartment, while the take-out amount is controlled by the built-in weight-amount calculator.

Why SaveBox Basic?

  • SaveBox Basic has many variations to choose from. The standard SaveBox Basic has doors from 2 to 10
  • You can connect more SaveBoxes together in any combination so you can even have a wall of them according to your needs. This makes it a uniqely flexible solution!
  • All doors are equipped with strong plexiglass windows, allowing you to see the insides.
  • Products to put into SaveBox Basic for example: operation sets, surgical pliers, cutting tools, isolators etc.

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